Embrace the Diaper Change: Discovering the Beauty of Cloth Diapering

During my pregnancy, when I first considered cloth diapering my baby-to-be, using cloth was an entirely foreign concept to me, and I’ll admit- a rather intimidating one.

My mind was flooded with questions…how would I wash them?   Which cloth diapers to buy?  Would it be expensive?  How could I possibly remember the name and method of every fold for those flats and prefolds?  How many diapers would I need?  Would my baby’s nursery smell like poo? How would I get the stains out?  Was any of this even worth it when I could just buy a giant box of disposables??

Today, as a seasoned cloth diapering mama, I wonder how I could have had any doubts about my decision.  I love it so much that I may have even become slightly cloth diaper obsessed.  I simply cannot imagine my life as a mother without cloth diapers.

Not only have I mastered every fold, style, shape, and washing method under the sun, but… [brace yourself]…I actually enjoy changing my baby’s diapers.  In fact, I don’t just enjoy it….I love it.

If cloth diapering is a new concept for you, as it once was for me, then I can imagine that you are utterly perplexed and perhaps are even mildly disgusted by this confession of mine.  But believe me…you’ll be there too, probably sooner than you know.

Yes, changing a cloth diaper can be slightly more time-consuming than throwing a dirty disposable into the trash can and throwing a clean one on your baby at lightning speed; and yes, cloth diapering does mean a few extra loads of laundry each week; and yes, there are some stinky, messy moments that must be endured… but in my experience, the benefits for your baby and the joy that you will feel far outweigh any minor inconveniences.

Cloth diapering will turn those dreaded diaper changes into unforgettable moments of love and adoration that you will never forget.

The extra bit of time you spend folding, tying, velcroing, snapping, and adjusting cloth onto your baby becomes time you cherish as you and your baby gaze into each other’s eyes, chat away in baby gibberish that only the two of you understand, laugh together, and exchange knowing glances.   I do this every day, multiple times per day, and often, I become so enthralled with my baby that I forget I am even changing a diaper!

These are the moments to embrace…those wonderful, fleeting moments you share with your baby that fill your heart with a love so strong that you just might burst.  For me, it’s the diaper change that I have come to embrace.  That moment is now, and once it’s gone, I’ll never get back again.

Embrace the diaper change.  It just might become the most beautiful part of your day.


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