A New Year & Our Path to a More Sustainable Life

There’s something about the start of a new year that brings out the dreamers in all of us.  Hope for a brighter future, dreams about all that can be achieved in life.

The growth of our business has been the focus of our energy over this past year, and we have been blessed to experience the beginning of something truly wonderful- along with an amazing community of like-minded, loyal customers.  We are left with the feeling of hope, and exciting anticipation of what lies ahead for our family and our little store this year.

As we pause for a moment to breathe and reflect following our busiest holiday season yet, we take time to consider our own goals for the coming year.  Our realization of late is this: all of our goals lead us down one path- the path to a more sustainable life.  We invite you to follow us as we explore these goals, make  new discoveries, and experiment with both the planned & unplanned events that will lead us to our ultimate goal.

As we dream and plan for our future, here is a glimpse at what we are up to as this new year begins:

Planning our 2012 garden.   The garlic is in the ground, old seeds have been saved, new seeds have been purchased, herbs are wintering in the greenhouse, and the new garden design plans are underway (with the help of a pencil, paper, and our tiny helper)

Exploring ways to make our garden even more abundant this year, we find ourselves fascinated and intrigued by the permaculture concept, and by this model in particular.  This, along with our newly built sustainable greenhouse, will be the new focus of our ever-expanding garden and edible landscape this year.

Continuing our building process.  Construction materials, dust & debris have become a part of our daily life as we expand our home & enhance our landscape, and finally,  as 2012 commences we begin to see a faint light at the end of the tunnel as projects materialize.

Working toward preserving & producing more of our own food.   Experimenting with making cultured milk products & fermented veggies.  Packed with beneficial bacteria, one tenth of the cost when made at home, and relatively easy to learn?  Yes, please.   We have now successfully made yogurt, kefir, and buttermilk as well as lacto-fermented peppers.  Canning our garden produce and root cellaring are also in the works for this coming year.

Discovering creative ways to prepare what remains of our 2011 harvest.  Beets, anyone?


One response to “A New Year & Our Path to a More Sustainable Life

  1. I love beets but have not yet tried lacto fermented peppers!

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